International Conference on Learning Innovation

International conference on learning innovation is a conference that constructs thinking, research and development on the development of learner's capability. Conference is open in the world and is followed by all academics, practitioners and observers of the development of learning innovation.

In general, International conference learning innovation, constructs knowledge on the field of study of the ability of learners as individuals who have the characteristics of organizing and managing.
Subsequent review materials are factors that drive the learning process or allow individuals and groups to learn. Thus, the performance of learners' knowledge can be explained as the ability of individuals, groups and organizations to understand what they have learned.

International Conference on Learning Innovation is an international conference to construct innovations in learning. Conference participants are students, teachers, bureaucrats, experts, practitioners, consultants, observers and peoples on education and learning. Innovation in learning in the 21st century is a form of capability development.

The conference was organized on the basis of the trend of the 21st century, characterized by the increasing complexity of technological equipment, and the emergence of a corporate restructuring movement. The learning trend is to combine the quality of technology and people, in constructing the solution of life problems. These conditions require human beings capable of taking initiative, critical thinking, creative, and competent. Welcome to the 21st-century information revolution, education that has only the aspect of information is no longer adequate.

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